Over the years, Tuosi Technology Group has adhered to the business philosophy of
“Helping clients achieving greater success in their careers.”
Dedicated to providing our clients with one-stop services in various fields,
including animation production, comic editing, multi-language translation and localization,
publishing and printing, web production, Back Office BPO, big data,
geographic and traffic information processing, data processing, and technical mapping.
We look forward to working with you and opening the doors to future success!

Making the most of the resources of our offices around the world,
providing valuable services to our clients



Company Vision

Founded in 2002, Tuosi Technology is a a leading player in the business process outsourcing industry (BPO). Through our innovative use of network technology, we cater to a wide range of client needs, driving the growth of the global economy. Our international development strategy is centered around continuous technological innovation, ensuring we provide clients with convenient and comprehensive services. Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve greater profitability, all while prioritizing social responsibility and the well-being of our employees.

We strive to improve our business system and create a one-stop service platform for global clients. With our integrated resources, we have expanded our operations in Asia and Europe. We offer comprehensive support throughout our client's business development, from concept incubation to process improvement and technology enhancement.

With rapid development, we've established partnerships with 300+ clients in 10+ countries, providing outsourcing services in employee services, financial management, data analysis, supply chain,customer service, technical support and more. We are constantly committed to creating a broader and more high-end platform for talents. We believe that only with more talent, our company can go further, our clients can get more returns, and we can make more contributions to the progress of society.

"Tuosi" embodies perseverance and forward-thinking. We always plan for the next stage while pioneering. In the next 20 years, we aim for faster and steady global growth, more industry partnerships, top talent recruitment, and fulfilling our vision as a client growth partner and talent development platform, establishing ourselves as an international outsourcing brand.

Company Culture

Company Philosophy

Pioneering to the future, thinking hard and acting conscientiously

Company Culture

Dedication, Innovation, Learning and Mutual Help

Service Tenet

Clients First


Integrity Perfection Pursuing Excellence

Basic Principles

Justice, Openness, Fairness and Transparency

Company Atmosphere

Equality, Democracy, Harmony, Simplicity in Interpersonal Relationships

Company Profile

Founded in 2002, Tuosi Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in outsourcing and information technology services. With branches in Asia, Europe, and other regions. We have amassed a wealth of experience and a talented team of professionals.

Our comprehensive systems and experienced personnel ensure excellent service and support for clients throughout their business operations, project management, and on-site correspondence. We prioritize technical innovation and invest heavily in improving our skills.

Our wide range of services includes animation production, comic editing, multi-language translation and localisation, publishing and printing, web production, Back Office BPO, big data, geographic and transportation information processing, data processing, and technical tracing production, and more.

We provide one-stop project solutions and aim to reduce costs for our clients. Our commitment is to always think about our clients' needs and continuously deliver value.

Company History

Establishment of Dalian Tuosi Technology Co., Ltd
Establishment of Overseas Business Department
Establishment of the Data Department
Establishment of the Japanese Branch
Establishment of Animation Department
Establishment of the DTP Department and the Translation Department
The UK company was established and set as the group headquarters
Establishment of the India Branch
Establishment of a joint venture subsidiary with DS Co., Ltd of Japan
Establishment of Hainan Branch
Establishment of Hainan Translation Company